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Oh, my! Why thank you, *Curtsy*. You can call me Aulii, by the way. ...Or, I mean, I guess my userinfo works, too.

I was planning on making an introduction post once there were a few more posts *Too shy until then* but I suppose this works even better.

I'm definitely intent on seeing this place start up. It looks like it could be promising, and certainly is with a good cause.

not userinfo, aheh.
So is Aulii your name? If so it is very unique. I like it.
'Tis, yes. It's Hawaiian and means "delicious"... I know, perfect, right? hah.
How nifty! I've been told that my name is Cherokee for "wildflower." But I've also been told that it's pure Anglo-Saxon, in which case I have no idea what it means.