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Some things it might be nice to list
xName: Linzi
xAge: 17 years old.
xGender: female
xE.D.: Anorexia (restricting type)
xHow long?: almost two years? i can't really remember. it's very consuming.
xHow long have you been trying to recover?: 4-5 monthes i suppose, excluding relapses.
xHow did you find the community?: i think it was promoted somewhere.
xWhy did you decide to join?: sounded like an excellent community!!
xAnything else you'd like to share about yourself: hmm. new friends are always welcome! i'm currently on the verge of being re-admitted into IP. i'm in need of a more intensive residential program (my dr. recommended Remuda, Arizona, which is quite far away, i live near Toronto Ontario.)nothing else i suppose!
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