poe619 (poe619) wrote in ed_stop,

sorry this took so long =-\

Some things it might be nice to list
xName: Ellie
xAge: 20
xGender: female
xE.D.: EDNoS-not clinically diagnosed
xHow long?: well, I've been dieting since I was ten I suppose and I really don't think ten year olds should diet, so ten years give or take a few months
xHow long have you been trying to recover?: I didn't know recovery was even an option for people who hadn't been clinically diagnosed. I didn't realize there was anything from which I was able to recover until quite recently. So I suppose I've been attempting recovery through seeking help for the last 6 months
xHow did you find the community?: I actually just stumbled upon it
xWhy did you decide to join?: because I'm sick of having this
xAnything else you'd like to share about yourself: I can't really think of anything at the moment =) I love The L Word..obviously =) Thanks for making this community by the by
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