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xName: Rheta
xAge: 22
xGender: female
xE.D.: recovered from anorexia nervosa
xHow long?: I have been fully recovered for nearly two years after a recovery and treatment process of five years.
xHow long have you been trying to recover?: see above^
xHow did you find the community?: I was invited
xWhy did you decide to join?: to inspire others to recover and giving hope to those who have given up
xAnything else you'd like to share about yourself: go check out my userinfo or read my entries under my eating disorder or anorexia tags
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you rheta are seriously amazing. i was telling my mom about your email the other day, specifically how you *felt* on a typical day, & i started crying when i said "she doesn't have any bad days anymore, there all good" god, sorry i'm so corny and overly sensitive. i hope you don't mind if i email you ever again. i seriously felt so empowered after reading it < 333.
Warm fuzzies!!! I'm glad you feel that way. It makes me feel awesome, like I went through all that crap for a reason. You're not being overly sensitive, you're going through a really emotional time and you're reaching out for support. I love that about you. Email me any time you need!
So glad you decided to join! :)