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Stop the Progress of ED
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The purpose of this community is to provide a safe place for sufferers of eating disorders to get support and information about recovery. If you have an eating disorder and do NOT want support or help in seeking recovery, this community is not for you. This is not anti-thinness; this is anti-illness.

Rules for Posting:
*ALWAYS put stats behind an lj-cut that reads "May be triggering." Failure to do so will result in deletion of the post.
*DO NOT post stats in the spirit of competition. Violators risk being banned from the community.
*This is not the place for "thinspiration." Violators will be banned.
*Posts should relate to recovery and making healthful choices; however, if you have a bad ed day (i.e. eat breakfast and purge when you get to school), you may post this IF you put it behind an lj-cut that reads "May be triggering."
*Random, non-ed posts are allowed. Just be sure that they are not in violation of the afforementioned rules.
*Family members and friends of eating disorder sufferers are welcome to join the community for information and support. Others are also allowed to join the community IF willing and able to offer support to members suffering from/affected by eating disorders.